GOM Conference 2017: 3D Metrology is a Driving Force for Industry 4.0

The 13th GOM 3D Metrology Conference focused on digitization. More than 750 metrology experts from over 50 countries shared their experiences in the field of metrological automation solutions and virtual assembly analysis. Further key topics were optical 3D inspection of airfoils and materials testing.

The international GOM 3D Metrology Conference took place at GOM’s headquarters in Braunschweig from September 26 to September 27. The event illustrated how ATOS systems help to generate information about parts in product development and thus improve the efficiency of the production process. In addition, GOM’s technology allows automated, full-field 3D geometry checks in all process stages of production, thus constituting a key element of the production strategy of Industry 4.0.

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Presentation Forum

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Referring to the leading subject “New Aspects in Industrial 3D Metrology, Inspection and Testing”, international speakers of renowned companies reported on how optical 3D metrology reduces development times and optimizes production processes.

Solution Tracks

Industry-specific blocks of lectures, the so-called Solution Tracks, provided compact expertise on specific topics.


Technical Exhibition

The diverse conference program was complemented by a technical exhibition and the GOM Factory Walk, which offered a look behind the scenes of the GOM headquarters.



GOM Conference Impressions

About GOM

GOM is a global industrial company that develops, produces and distributes software, machines and systems for industrial and automated 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing.


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