GOM Conference 2009

Optical Metrology 2009, the international GOM Conference took place from the 25th - 28th May at the GOM headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany.

Optical Metrology 2009 is an international conference for integration of optical measuring techniques in industry and research. The conference is a unique event in bringing industry leaders together and offers a platform for managers, metrologists, technology and research experts to exchange application experiences.

The presentations and discussions concentrated on reducing product development times, enhancing process security and optimizing production procedures using optical 3D measurement.

Users presented their experiences with GOM systems and how GOM systems are being applied in industry and research. The complete GOM product range was exhibited and the GOM-Team was available for discussion and live demonstrations.

We would like to thank the over 400 participants and special thank you to the individual speakers for their informative presentations and exchange of experiences, helping to establish the GOM Conference as an annual high light within the area of optical metrology.

We look forward to welcoming interested managers, project leaders and metrologists from quality control, product development, deformation and material testing fields to the next international GOM Conference.

May 27, 2009

  • Ford, Germany
    Strategic use of optical metrology for tooling and sheet metal applications at Ford Europe.
  • Audi, Germany
    Sheet Metal Measurement with ATOS in Automated Robot Cells.
  • GOM, Germany
    Reich, Thesing
    Automated metrology.
    Automated first article inspection.
  • Volkswagen Poznan, Poland
    Inspection of Automotive closures with ATOS & TRITOP using the principle of Virtual Master Buck.
  • Skoda, Czech Republic
    Optical measuring techniques in automotive sheet metal research and production.
  • Gebrüder Gienanth Eisenberg, Germany
    Automation for the determination of process capability.
  • GOM, Germany
    Behring, Schuer
    Process safety.
    The XXL scale in industrial photogrammetry.

May 28, 2009

  • Materialise, Belgium
    Four application fields with ATOS and TRITOP.
  • Hörmann Automotive Components, Germany
    Application of optical metrology in the tool shop.
  • GOM, Germany
    FEA comparison tool in ARAMIS and ARGUS.
  • Airbus, France
    Airbus A380 corner fitting inspection after milling.
  • ABB, Czech Republic
    Using the ATOS 3D scanner for production quality inspection and reverse engineering.
  • Volkswagen - Auto5000, Germany
    Böttger, Schardt
    Automatic series-accompanying quality control of door assemblies.
  • Capture 3D, USA
    ATOS and TRITOP use in the industrial gas turbine and propulsion industry.

May 25, 2009

  • LFT Erlangen, Germany
    Biasutti, Kuppert, Merklein
    Investigation of failure under shear-tension conditions with optical metrology
  • Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung, Germany
    Validation of FE analysis in forming applications - A numerical comparison between simulation and experiment using ARGUS
  • GOM, Germany
    Friebe, Klein, Erne
    FEA comparison tool in ARAMIS and ARGUS.
    Hardware developments and new sensor generation
    PONTOS state of the art
  • TUM Klinikum rechts der Isar, Trauma Surgery Department, Germany
    Optical detection of interfragment movements in trauma surgery, Biomechanical research of a new screw system
  • DTU Mechanical Engineering and Risø DTU, Denmark
    The operation and maintenance of ARAMIS soft- and hardware in university engineering education as a shared multi-department facility
  • University of Poznan, Poland
    Photogrammetric 3D measurement of furniture quality control
  • NASA Dryden, USA
    Aircraft structural measurements with ARAMIS and PONTOS
  • GOM, Germany
    Sanow, Friebe
    Real-Time Sensor
    System combinations with TRITOP

May 26, 2009

  • Uni Groningen, Netherlands
    In-situ strain observation during high power laser cladding.
  • IPF Dresden, Germany
    Uhlig, Spickenheuer
    Optical measuring with ARAMIS of human abdominal distension for tissue engineering and of bionic optimised composite structures for FEA verification.
  • TUM, Dept. of concrete structures, Germany
    Measurement of bond performance of reinforced concrete strengthened with CFRP-strips.
  • Audi, Germany
    Held, Schleich, Sindel
    ARAMIS applications at Audi AG Neckarsulm - An overview from small to large.
  • DTU Mechanical Engineering and Risø DTU, Denmark
    Material and component testing in wind turbine development with ARAMIS.
  • Zebicon, Denmark
    Inspection of blades and towers using ATOS and TRITOP.
  • ITA, Poland
    Mounting preparation for off-shore wind turbine installations with TRITOP.
  • Risø DTU, Denmark
    Schmidt Paulsen
    Full scale wind turbine measurements with PONTOS.
  • Trilion, USA
    Did you say 100 microns or 100 microseconds?
    Stretching the limits of your optical measurement capability.