GOM Conference 2012

GOM Conference 2012 set a further milestone within optical metrology

For the 10th time GOM held the Optical Metrology conference in Braunschweig, Germany. More than 600 participants from 40 countries accepted the invitation to this year´s GOM Conference, which took place from June 18th till June 21st.

The visitors could attend an international lecture program with presentations covering optical measurement methods in industrial process chains. Additionally industry specific workshops and live demonstrations accompanied the technical exhibition. Speakers included representatives from Airbus, BMW, Samsung, Volkswagen, Opel, Rolls Royce, Snecma, Eurocopter, Novo Nordisk and also NASA.

The presentations and discussions with decision makers from industry and research institutes suggest that tactile metrology will be further replaced by optical technology in future. The industry leading companies are investing more heavily in new measuring technology and on increased strategic implementation the optical metrology was seen.

Furthermore the automated inspection becomes increasingly important in the future. In this field GOM presented the new milestones for shape and dimensional control. The GOM expert team which is dedicated to automation tasks has gained extensive experiences with individual project cells within the last years. In understanding market requirements GOM now offers a standardized optical 3D measuring machine, the ATOS ScanBox. This complete plug and play solution incorporates software and hardware required for automated digitizing and inspection.

The GOM Conference also focused on software solutions. GOM Inspect Professional and GOM Inspect include new inspection tools for blisk and blade analysis, which are important for power generation & propulsion as well as for aerospace industries. A newly developed Trend Module enables a very simply analysis of multiple parts and small series within GOM Inspect Professional.

This year the GOM conference has been once again highly successful. Special thanks are directed to all participants, GOM partners and speakers, who were substantially involved in making the conference a success.

June 20, 2012

Session 1: Industrial Inspection and beyond

  • GOM, Germany
  • GOM, Germany
    TRITOP Professional for inspection and deformation analysis
  • ACTech, Germany
    Optical measuring systems in the rapid prototyping process for castings
  • GOM, Germany
    Tracking with ATOS

Session 2: Automotive / Sheet Metal & Automation

  • Opel, Germany
    Automated inspection - standardized scanning cell in Opel/Vauxhall bodyshops
  • Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany
    Application of optical metrology for analysis during the car body process chain
  • Gedia, Germany
    Strategic implementation of optical metrology at Tier-One automotive supplier
  • VW Wolfsburg, Germany
    Policies and procedures for the implementation of optical measurement technology at Volkswagen AG
  • GOM, Germany
    Standards in automated inspection

June 21, 2012

Session 3: Aerospace / Blades

  • Snecma, France
    Digital inspection workflow with CAD based FTA integration
  • Airbus, France
    Automated corner fitting inspection on Airbus A350
  • Rolls Royce, United Kingdom
    Advanced quality control on blades and blisks including gauge R&R
  • GOM, Germany
    Inspection tools for blade and blisk analysis

Session 4: Metrology for all technologies

    Optical metrology techniques in support of the space shuttle Columbia accident investigation
  • Braun, Germany
    3D Metrology on plastic parts
  • Samsung, Korea
    Optimizing production processes of electronic products using ATOS, PONTOS, ARAMIS and ARGUS
  • GOM, Germany
    GOM Inspect Professional & GOM Inspect
  • GOM, Germany

June 18, 2012

Session 1: Material Testing

  • GOM, Germany
  • IFSTTAR - Institut français des sciences et technologies des transports, France
    Optical methods applied to concrete structures permeability characterization
  • EDAG, Germany
    Material data characterization for FE crash test simulation analysis
  • BMW, Germany
    Studies of material behavior and friction in the forming simulation with ARAMIS and ARGUS
  • GOM, Germany
    Actual developments and standards for material testing using ARAMIS

Session 2: Component Testing in Aerospace and Automotive/Sheet Metal

  • Eurocopter, Germany
    Optical metrology at Eurocopter's test laboratory
  • NLR - Nationaal Lucht- en Ruimtevaartlaboratorium, The Netherlands
    Using digital image correlation measurements in aircraft certification test programs
  • Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany
    Application of optical metrology for analysis during the car body process chain
  • Trilion, USA
    The Trilion best applications of ARAMIS and PONTOS
  • GOM, Germany
    Optical metrology for component testing

June 19, 2012

Session 3: Component Testing & FEA in Biomechanics and Civil Engineering

  • IMA - Materialforschung und Anwendungstechnik, Germany
    From refrigerator up to aerospace structures – analyses of the behavior of materials and components
  • DNV - Det Norske Veritas, Norway
    Use of ARAMIS in large scale testing for technology qualification and development of regulations & standards in energy industry
  • DTU - Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    Determination of bend-twist couplings in wind turbine blades
  • Berufsgenossenschaftliche Unfallklinik Murnau, Germany
    Automation of 3D motion analysis in biomechanical tests
  • Novo Nordisk, Denmark
    Improving medical products with optical metrology
  • GOM, Germany
    Optical metrology for verification and optimization of numerical simulations

Session 4: Aerospace

    Optical measuring techniques in support of the NASA space shuttle program
  • GOM, Germany