GOM Conference 2015

With more than 650 visitors from more than 45 countries, the GOM Conference proved again to be an established forum for experts in metrology, quality control and product development.

From September 21-24, 2015, the international conference took place at GOM's headquarters in Braunschweig, Germany for the 12th time since 1998. The conference featured two main topics – materials research & component testing as well as 3D coordinate measurement.

During the international lecture program, it became clear that optical metrology is already successfully established in different industries covering the entire production process chain; from materials testing, design and mold making up to the production-related quality control.

Representatives, among others from adidas, ESA, Skoda, Faurecia, ThyssenKrupp Steel, Pratt & Whitney and Aviadvigatel showed from firsthand experience, how the implementation of optical metrology reduces development times, improves process safety and optimizes production processes.

New trends in automated quality control were presented as well as new developments in sensor technology and software for materials research & component testing.

Further key topics were, among others, Tolerance Management, Global Supply Chain Management as well as Airfoil Inspection and Manufacturing Process Control.

Special thanks to all participants, partners and speakers, who were involved in making the GOM 3D Metrology Conference a success.

We are looking forward to welcoming worldwide leading decision makers and experts to the next GOM 3D Metrology Conference.

September 21, 2015

Session 1
Component Testing in Automotive Industry

  • GOM, Germany
  • ZF Friedrichshafen, Germany
    Dynamic 3D Analysis @ ZF Fundamentals & Technology Department
  • Brose Fahrzeugteile, Germany
    Comprehensive Correlation of Seat Track Assembly – From Forming to Assembly Test
  • GOM, Germany
    New ARAMIS

Session 2
Material Testing & Sheet Metal Forming

  • Autoliv, Germany
    Improving Automotive Passenger Safety by Non-Contact Measurement
  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Optical Metrology for Sheet Metal Forming: Material Parameters, Simulation Verification
  • Nanjing University, China
    Plasticity Investigations of Nanostructured Materials Utilizing ARAMIS
  • Thyssen Krupp Steel NA, USA
    Hot Stamped Thickness Mapping with ARGUS for Downstream CAE Analysis
  • GOM, Germany
    GOM Correlate Professional

September 22, 2015

Session 3
Biomechanics & Medical Testing

  • Trauma Center Murnau, Germany
    Automated Data Logging of 3D-Motions for Biomechanical Research
  • adidas, Germany
    Non-Contact Dynamic Testing for Development of the "adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoe"
  • DTU, Denmark
    Teaching Future Engineers in using Optical Testing Equipment: ARAMIS in Academic Training
  • GOM, Germany
    Digital Image Correlation Approach

Session 4
Component Testing in Aerospace Industry

  • ESA, Netherlands
    Photogrammetry at the European Space Agency
  • CoLT Prüf und Test GmbH, Austria
    Optical Measuring Systems in Aerospace Test Rigs: Certification of Airbus A350 Winglet
  • DGA, France
    ARAMIS Testing Applications from High Speed to Large Scale
  • IABG, Germany
    Structural Testing on Aircraft Components: Buckling Measurement and Deformation Characteristics
  • GOM, Germany
    Synergies in 3D Metrology and 3D Testing

September 23, 2015

Session 1
Industrial Inspection and Certification

  • Volkswagen, Germany
    Developing Certification Procedures for Optical Full-Field Metrology
  • Volkswagen, Germany
    From Prototype Construction to Series Production: Tracking and ATOS ScanBox in Exhaust Systems Manufacturing
  • GOM, Germany
    Synergies in 3D Metrology and 3D Testing

Session 2
Automated Metrology

  • Audi, Germany
    Workflows at Audi Pre-Series-Center for Process & Product Validation
  • Škoda, Czech Republic
    Automated Metrology from Pilot Measurement Cell to ATOS ScanBox
  • GOM, Germany
    Optical 3D Measuring Machines - Automated Metrology
  • GOM, Germany
    Expert Talk: Implementing Automated Metrology

September 24, 2015

Session 3
Tolerance Management & Supply Chain Management

  • Faurecia, Germany
    Rollout and Standardization of Optical Metrology at Faurecia Interior Systems
  • Coloplast, Denmark
    Definition of Quality Control Strategies in Medical Engineering
  • SRAM, USA / Taiwan
    Function-Based Dimensioning using Optical Metrology
  • GOM, Germany
    Did you know? – Functionalities you might enjoy
  • Bundesfachschule Modell- und Formenbau, Germany
    Further Education Using 3D Metrology at National Technical College for Mould and Die Making
  • University Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany
    Teaching Optical Metrology in Mechanical Engineering

Session 4
Airfoil Inspection & Manufacturing Process Control

  • Kimura Chuzosho, Japan
    Reverse Engineering in Iron Castings utilizing ATOS
  • Fraunhofer IWU Dresden, Germany
    New Approach for Measurement & Simulation in Sheet Metal Forming
  • Aviadvigatel, Russian Federation
    Inspection along the Turbine Airfoil Life Cycle
  • Pratt & Whitney, USA
    Using GOM ATOS Triple Scan 3D to Improve Casting Inspection Process
  • GOM, Germany
    Airfoil Metrology