Presentation Forum

In presentations on 3D testing and 3D metrology, GOM introduced cross-industry topics, providing insight into the workflows of renowned companies.

A2Mac1, France Fabrice Robert
Real-Time Shading of 3D Scan Models
ARGON, Belgium Geert Creemers
Optical Metrology Facilitating Adaptive Automotive Processes
Audi, Germany Tobias Schmack
Simulation Verification of Impact Tests on Structural Lightweight Components
Audi, Germany Dr. Christoph Albiez
From Manual Scanning to Automated Solutions in Pre-Series Production
Bentley, United Kingdom Ian Williamson
Bentley Digital Design and Modeling
BFW Leipzig, Germany André Seidemann
Education of Quality Professionals for Metrology at the Berufsförderungwerk Leipzig
BMW, Germany Jonas D‘Haen
Characterization of Carbon Fiber Composites with ARAMIS Kiosk Interface
BMW, Germany Marco Raupach
Mesh Refinement Study and Experimental Validation for Stretch Bending of Sheet Metals
Canmet, Canada Dr. Jidong Kang
Recent Development in Shear Test for Aluminum Alloy Resistance Spot Welds
Clemson University, USA Fadi Abu-Farha
Advanced Characterization of Lightweight Automotive Materials with Digital Image Correlation
Coloplast, Denmark Carsten Lundø
Rolling Out a Central Control Strategy to Supplier Networks
Coloplast, Denmark Carsten Lundø
3D Metrology and Automation for Quality Control of Plastic Parts in Medical Engineering
Daimler, Germany Franjo Habek
Production Quality Control with ATOS ScanBox
DTU, Denmark Rasmus Eriksen
Deformation Measurements with ARAMIS for Structural Testing of Wind Turbine Blades
Fraunhofer IPT, Germany Niels König
Metrological Laboratory for Students at RWTH Aachen
GE Appliances, USA Dave Leone
Redefining Product Development using ATOS
GE, USA Blake Spaman
Replacing Tactile Technologies and Eliminating Cost
John Deere, Germany Gerald Werner
Product Engineering with ATOS and TRITOP – Stage Project for Dummies
Liebherr-Aerospace, Germany Thomas Pfeilschifter
ARAMIS Plug & Measure: Accelerating Aerospace Certification Tests
Metalsa, Germany Marcus Girndt
Production Monitoring of Hot-Formed Pressings with ATOS ScanBox 6130
MMG, Germany N.N.
Optical Metrology for Production of Large Cast Parts
Opel, Germany Dirk Kissinger
From Tactile to Automated Optical Metrology
Opel, Germany Dirk Kissinger
International Rollout at Opel
Ostfalia, Germany Prof. Dr. Martin Müller
Dynamic and Static Testing of Automotive Components
Philipps University Marburg, Germany Dr. Friedrich Gockel
Optical Tracking of Jaw Movements with ARAMIS
Porsche, Germany Dr. Torsten Putze
Digital Quality Assurance: 3D Data for Virtual Assembly and Augmented Reality Presentation
Rolls-Royce, Germany Dr. Marcus Meyer
Assessment of Manufacturing Variability of Engine Components
Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom Eoin Stock
Automated Optical Metrology for Gas Turbine Blisks and Drums
Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom Saika Akhtar
Using Optical Metrology to Speed up Final Inspection of Complex Aerospace Assemblies
SAIC Volkswagen, China Hans-Uwe Horlbeck
Series and Analysis Measurement in Car Body Production – Virtual First Sampling Storage
Sandvik, Sweden Anders Ivarsson, Johan Nilsson
ATOS Metrology in Product Development of Metal-Cutting Tools
SRAM, Taiwan Robin Chen
Using GOM Software to Accelerate Technology Rollout
SVA Potsdam, Germany Ulf Barkmann
Performance-Based Evaluation of Propeller Accuracy in Model Scale
Tata Steel, Netherlands Eisso Atzema
The Power of Deformation Measurements
ThyssenKrupp Presta, Liechtenstein Thorsten Wiege
Determination of Material Parameters and Simulation Verification for Optimized Processes
Topia, Japan Yasunori Suzuki
Improving Trial Manufacturing Quality and Productivity with ATOS ScanBox
Topometric, Germany Hermann Eiblmeier
Beyond the Product - Process Requirements
TU Braunschweig, Germany Sven Lehmberg
3D Testing for High-Strength Building Materials
TU Chemnitz, Germany Norbert Schramm
Numerical Simulation Tools and 3D Metrology for Efficient Development of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Parts
TU Wien, Austria Dr. Patrick Huber
Assessment of Shear Strength of Existing Concrete Bridges
Universität Paderborn, Germany Julian Löseke
Static Validation Measurements on Automotive Components
University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany Prof. Dr. Jan Philippe Kretzer
Fixation Analysis of Joint Replacement Implants
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Poland Werner Steinert
Optical Full-Field Measuring Technology – the Future for People and Production
Volkswagen/Fraunhofer, Germany Dr. Benjamin Hecht
Measurement of Quality Criteria in the Process Chain of Roller-hemmed Car Body Hang-on Parts
ZF, Germany Holger Höppner
FTA Analysis in 3D Metrology